Standby Generators

Standby Generators in time for your next power outage.

If you are considering a Stand By Generator or already have one and are looking for Service and Maintenance 3D Electrical has you covered.

As a Licensed Generac Dealer, we can provide Sales, Service and Install to meet your needs.  Having your generator installed by Generac Dealer insures your generator has been sized and installed properly by a warranty approved service team.

Service and Warranty.

Our trained technicians can provide warranty approved service on your Generac warranty issues as well as certified service on all other problems you may be experiencing.

Annual Maintenance

Something that is often overlooked after your generator install is the annual service.  It's recommended that your generator is serviced yearly to ensure that it is performing at the top of its abilities and is ready to go when your power outage comes along.  On all our 3D Electrical installed generator we provide the 25-hour run time service as part of your install and offer a maintenance contract to keep your generator in tip top condition.

Did we mention our 24-hour, 7-day a week emergency service?


  • Duncan Award
  • Licensed Bonded Insured
  • Generac
  • Duncan Chamber of Commerce